The Gastein Thermal Cure

Cure & therapy in Salzburg

The Gastein Thermal Cure is effective in treatment of musculoskeletal, respiratory and skin complaints. Additionally, it also has positive effects on general wellbeing (immune prophylaxis), brings renewed vitality, strength and energy.

The combination of radon, warmth and altitude is unique in this form. Radon galleries, thermal spa water and vapour bath all help to achieve a lasting relief and reduction of pain in numerous illnesses and in rehabilitation after injury.

90 percent of patients profit from Gastein radon-thermal treatments in the form of symptom relief (pain therapy), improvement in quality of life, and reduced use of medication.

lllnesses of the locomotor system

  •         Bechterew’s disease or spondylarthropathies
  •         Chronic polyarthritis (rheumatoid arthritis)
  •         Arthrosis (also finger polyarthrosis)
  •         Psoriatic arthritis
  •         Vertebral syndrome
  •         Fibromyalgia syndrome
  •         Osteoporosis pain
  •         Neuralgias, polyneuropathies
  •         After effects of sports injuries
  •         Sarcoidosis

Diseases of the respiratory tract

  •         Chronic bronchitis
  •         Bronchial asthma
  •         Chronic sinusitis
  •         Hay fever

Skin diseases

  •         Psoriasis vulgaris
  •         Neurodermatitis
  •         Delayed wound healing
  •         Dermatosclerosis


  •         For general immune prophylaxis
  •         For revitalisation

Improve your quality of life and reduce your amount of medication.

You can obtain more information about different conditions and their appropriate methods of treatment here and in the Bad Hofgastein convalescence and health centre.

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